11-11-18 Just revised this site to highlight the housewarming oil paintings that I am giving to each home buyer. 

10-28-18 Just found that my house warming gift – original oil paintings – had been lost – the page was missing – so I have revised the web site to make it clear. You can see the dozens of oil paintings here. Please select your favorite so I can bring it to your home inspection. 

June 9 2018 Posting the plan for home inspectors to add profit to nearly every job. Simply ask your home buyers if they would like more information about  whole house fans or solar power. If yes, simply send me their names, phones and emails. When they buy a system you get $200. If you know inspectors you can become a POWUR solar advocate on my team and get other inspectors to join your team and multiply your income. 

May 18 18 Adding flyer just released announcing free home inspection when buyers purchase a Thorwaldson Tornado Whole House Fan and or a solar power system from POWUR. Also POWUR offers you income when you join as a solar advocate and tell your friends and family about solar. See all the details at

January 31, 2018 I am announcing free home inspections for buyers who want solar power and/or a whole house fan. 

October 10, 2017 This post is about my new program that offers a $300 gift to each home buyer(s) who hires me to inspect their new home. See the details here

September 19 2017 New input about homes with defects hidden in walls ceilings and floors. My FLIR Infrared Camera can detect tiny temperature differences caused by water or pipes that cannot be seen. In addition there might be insulation missing in ceilings or walls. The camera can see those spots.

Why Inspect a condo? The HOA covers everything, right?

By Kurt Shafer Guaranteed Home Inspections

Why would a buyer have a condo inspected in Temecula, Murrieta, or anywhere else?
Well, yes, the HOA typically covers everything outside, but what about the inside? It is a common misconception that condos are trouble free. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are a few examples of potential problems that would only surface if a real home inspection is done. Each of these is a real life situation encountered in my inspections done over Continue reading 

Why Inspect a New House in Temecula, Murrieta or Riverside?

Why would I have a new house inspected – the builder guarantees it all, right?

Yes, builders do guarantee their work, but there are many defects that can be present that you might never find during the guarantee period.

Here is a good example: I recently did a home inspection in Temecula on a house built in 2005. I turned on the upstairs air conditioning system and began testing all Continue reading 

Private: My First Post

Well, as you know, Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, told us we MUST have blogs, and a local Temecula resource, Tyson Russell, did it, dragged me kicking and screaming into the blog world. Thank you, Tyson, for your help! If others want a fast intro into adding a blog, you can find Tyson at

And ask him about aWeber, the best email fulfillment system out there. He is setting it up for me in time for Jan 4, 2010.