The page is posted for Google to find so that Kevin Burke in Murrieta (NOT THE REALTOR) will surface when people search for his name. I am writing this to let you know about the lies that Mr. Burke posted on YELP about the home inspection I did for him.

Here are the facts.

Kevin Burke bought a home in Murrieta. HE IS NOT THE REALTOR IN MURRIETA. This Kevin Burke says he is a construction supervisor.

I inspected the house on 7-17-14. After Kevin moved in he found a leak under his sink that was not there when I inspected the home. He called me to inform me of the leak and I agreed to replace the $187 instant on water heater at my expense.

After I had put in the new unit a tube under the sink broke. He blamed me and demanded I fix it. Since it was not covered under my guarantee, I told him it was his responsibility. He then retaliated by filing the false report on YELP.

In Kevin’s review he wrote all these false statements:

‘He refused to fix what he had missed during the inspection.”
“he did not show, not even a call. he did this for a week straight.”
” i get home to see that the unit is leaking worse than before”
“unwillingness to fix what he had broken in my home”
” he did not complete an entire home inspection”
“did not cover his promise to fix what he had missed.”