Legal Shield Testimonials


We’ve been using LegalShield’s Small Business Legal Plan for several years.
I’ve used them on issues related to firing employees and for an employee
facing financial issues.

The best thing about having the legal plan is the peace of mind it brings in
knowing that I have the legal coverage I need in case of a crisis or legal problem.
The attorneys I worked with were very prompt to return calls, and they
were gracious and thorough regarding everything. I feel like the coverage
they’ve provided for the price I’ve paid, has been very well worth the money.

– Page Cole, – Visiting Angels – Owasso, Oklahoma

I bought a LegalShield small business plan about two years ago and our business
has benefitted from it in many ways since then.
Let me tell you the latest way the lawyers at LegalShield who we call our
“cloud lawyers” have helped us. Just recently we had a company threatening
us to pay them a large sum of money, which we felt we didn’t owe. We spoke
to the lawyers at LegalShield, who listened and were very attentive to our
problem. They wrote a letter requesting the contract. Suddenly, the company’s
tone changed and we no longer owed the large sum of money. Because of the
great advice and help we received from the lawyers, we avoided a scary situation.

– Vicky, Town and Country (True Value) – Monmouth, Oregon

I’ve use the LegalShield Small Business Plan for two years. During that time, I
used them for contract review, legal consultation on litigation, and questions
on liability.
I have accessed legal service and advice where I would not have in the past
because of the cost. I have gained insight and confidence in actions we take
(or don’t take) because we have consulted with a legal expert.
The law firm that advises me has been responsive, professional and friendly.
They have been patient in explaining legal statutes to me as a layperson.

LegalShield Small Business Plan is very affordable. Although I have not kept an
actual record on the time I’ve spent consulting with the LegalShield attorneys,
I’m certain we have saved thousands over the past two years. As our business
grows and legal issues increase, we will only see more benefits from having
the service.
– Michael Jamieson, Visiting Angels- Eugene & Medford, Oregon

As far as legal needs that we have, we get a lot of non-disclosure agreements
and a lot of letters of agreement. We would look at them and sign them
because we were too cheap to pay $275 to a lawyer. It was a pain point for us
as a small business to spend that kind of money on a document that we didn’t
deem important.

But once we signed up with LegalShield we learned real quick, by getting the
comments back from the lawyer, they had suggestions on how to limit our
exposure on things we thought really wouldn’t make a difference. Now we run
everything by them. We run general insurance contracts, workers’ comp insurance,
anything that could possibly be legal services or HR issues. We’ll call to
discuss with a lawyer at LegalShield just to cover our bases.
– Steve Choppin, -Level Two Advertising Agency – Dallas, Texas