Solar Power California

Kurt Shafer here, to tell you about my experience with solar power companies in MY area, Temecula, California. I have, over the past 6 years, seen dozens of solar power salesmen (and a few women). Until last year, 2013, none of them would take the time to talk to me because I only spend about $65 per month on electric power.

Then I met RG Solar. Started by John Schaefer 35 years ago, RG Solar is one of the best companies in Americal for solar power.

RG Solar has been selected by BMW to partner in a new and powerful venture intended to put solar power on every home where BMW EV cars reside. See the whole story here in Forbes.

For YOUR personal intruduction to RG Solar call Marc Cirelli at 619 261 1868. Or email him at <a href=”” > Send Mail</a>