What I Fixed

Here are some examples of problems I have missed and later fixed at my expense as a result of my guarantee. I am proud to say that after over 2000 inspections I have missed fewer than 10 issues. I am posting these to show you that I REALLY do fix what I miss.

I am starting with the most expensive miss in my career, a leak from an outdoor spa.

The most expensive repair I have made is to a spa next to a pool in Murrieta.  When I inspected it the water was low and green so it was not operational. I did not run the pump because of that. The buyers moved in and had the pool repaired.The buyers found that there was water running out from the spa under the concrete stairs.

I discovered that I had neglected to state in my report that I could not test the pool, so that is the reason that I could not report on that leak. But since I had not made that clear, and the buyers did not realize that the pool was not tested, the buyers did not have the opportunity to get the sellers to make the pool right.

I agreed to take responsibility for my error and fix the leak at my expense. It required removal of the concrete around the spa, excavation down to the spa jet pipes and locating the leak. I found that settling had caused a plastic ell to crack and leak. I replaced the ell and then hired a concrete expert to restore the concrete around the spa. Total cost of this repair came to about $1,576. This was in 2008.

Here are some other repairs I have made listed randomly.

Leak under sink due to loose pipe fitting that did not leak when tested in the inspection.

Leaky instant hot water heater under kitchen sink replaced in August 2012.

Electrical outlets in dining room that were dead. Hired electrician to troubleshoot and found that a wire connection behind the refrigerator was not made correctly.

Leak in hvac system in attic did not show up until summer when the leak damaged a ceiling.

Page created Nov 2 2014