Sample Report

You can see a sample report here (which will open the PDF in your browser’s window) OR if your browser fails to open it, right click on the link and save it to your disk. Then you can open it in your local Adobe Reader program.

What is in the report?

The report does NOT have pages and pages of extra information. Please DO NOT expect a long report unless your home has a lot of issues. If your new home is nearly perfect you might only get 3 or 4 pages. You get ONLY the issues that will COST YOU MONEY if they are not reported. Each issue is documented by a picture and a caption describing the issue. The issues are then summarized at the top of the report and arranged in 4 categories:

1. SC or Safety Concern issues are always on top. These are items like bad GFCI protection circuits or garage fire doors that don’t close and lock.
2. FE or Further Evaluation by an expert is next. These are items like electrical issues that need to be examined in more detail by an electrician or a plumber.
3. CR or Correction Recommended.  These are issues that are not urgent or do not have to be repaired, like small cracks in concrete or stucco, missing AC outlet covers, and other details that don’t fit the SC or FE classification but still represent items that are not as the house was new.
4. AA or Advice only.  These are issues that might be acceptable such as small cracks in concrete patios.