Why Infrared?

Here is your report on the importance of InfraRed cameras for home inspections. 

What does my IR Camera see?

First, here is an electrically heated ceiling. This was taken just seconds after turning it on. The camera shows the white ceiling as a blue color and the hotter wires as yellow proving that the heating wires are working perfectly.

Flir Ceiling heat

Here is a very good example of the power of my IR camera. This is a picture of a dining room ceiling – the picture has a small dot at the upper right that is hard to see, but that is the spot at which the IR camera is pointed. You can see in the IR camera’s display there is a large white border and red rectangle. That is a hot spot in the ceiling where insulation is either missing or is disturbed. The camera is so sensitive that it has many colors between the cooler blue ceiling and the hotter warm spot. The seller of the home said he had an electrician wire a light near that spot.

FLIR of Ceiling

1. The FLIR ThermaCAM B2 camera was created with home inspections in mind.

2.  InterNACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) stresses the importance of infrared cameras used in your home or business property inspection here.

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